Vehicle Storage


The Complete Vehicle Storage Guide

If you’re planning to store your automobile in a garage or underneath a protective cover, you must follow a few steps to preserve the engine and other important mechanical components. You can implement many of the procedures without hiring a mechanic.

Use a Proper Cover

During a summer or winter project, you must park your vehicle in a garage in order to protect the internal components from the elements. If your home lacks a garage, you may want to park the automobile in a local storage facility.

Clean the Vehicle

By washing your car before its stored away, you’ll protect the paint and the finish. Water stains are harmful because they can slowly peel or crack automotive paints. If you want long-lasting results, consider adding a coat of wax at the end of the cleaning process because it will give the automobile an extra layer of protection while it’s stored away.

Change the Oil

If you only need to store your car for one week, you won’t need to change the oil. However, if a vehicle won’t be used for more than a month, oil-related maintenance procedures must be implemented.

Fill the Tank

Before a long session, you must top off your gas tank. This strategy is very beneficial because it keeps moisture out of the fuel container. To achieve the best results, pour a fuel stabilizer into the gas container as well. The chemicals in the product will prevent engine problems and rusting. If you buy a commercial-grade fuel stabilizer, the gas in the engine won’t deteriorate within 12 months.

Charge the Battery

When a battery sets for an extended length of time, it will slowly lose its charge. This is why someone must run the engine every other week for several minutes. If possible, the individual should run the air conditioner for a while as well so that the components will continue to produce fresh, clean air.

Other steps must be taken if you can’t find someone who can start your engine regularly. Disconnecting the battery is a simple solution because you won’t need any special tools. However, after the line is detached, you’ll lose the time and any stereo settings. If you don’t want to reset the systems in the cabin, invest in a battery tender. This gadget connects your battery to a wall outlet; although it’s not a powerful device, it transfers enough electricity to keep a car battery properly charged.

Ignore the Parking Brake

You shouldn’t use your braking park while your vehicle is stored away. The biggest issue is that the rotors could fuse together if they don’t move for an exceeded length of time. This is why you should use a tire stopper to keep your car stable and secure.

Avoid Flat Spots

Ensure that all tires are properly inflated according to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure level. If improperly inflated tires remain in one spot for several weeks, flat spots will develop in the storage location.

If you won’t use your vehicle for more than a month, considering removing the tires to prevent flat spots. To complete this task efficiently and efficiently, you may want to hire a mechanic who knows how to secure a vehicle on four jack stands.

Keep Critters Away

During seasonal projects, you must follow several steps to keep critters and rodents out of the storage location. In some communities, rats and bugs cause huge problems because they like to hide in gaps. This is why you’ll need to cover your air intake components and the exhaust pipe with a piece of steel wool throughout the winter. Rats typically nest in automotive components more often when the temperature drops because the narrow crevices keep them warm.

Important Considerations

When you’re ready to use your car again, raise the hood and inspect the equipment thoroughly. If a rodent has chewed on the wires, belts, or hoses, replace the damaged components before you start the engine.

Next, examine the windshield wipers carefully by lifting the blades; you’ll have to replace the blades if they are brittle or cracked. Then, drive the vehicle around your property to check the brakes. Braking problems usually occur after rust builds up on the rotors.

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