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Dodge Trucks

The Rugged 2016 Dodge Truck Lineup

Dodge has long been known as an automaker that builds rugged and dependable trucks. Its lineup of 2016 Ram trucks continue a legacy of muscle and legendary capability. The Dodge Ram 1500, Ram 2500 and Ram 3500 are the three main pickups that this automaker has to offer. Continue reading

2016 Lineup

10 of The Best 2016 Cars

In the contemporary era, the man of 2016 wants something unique in his automobile. We want a car that is an expression of our identity. A working man wants a truck. A college student with a wild nightlife wants a sports car or a small car that hosts an aura of luxury and sophistication. With the advent of technology, mankind has seen this theme highlighted as 2016 has yielded the best in automobiles. This generation of cars has hoisted us onto the next platform of vehicles, with driver assistance features, a decorated dashboard, safety features, powerful engines, state of the art engineering, and much more. Before making a decision about their preferred, one needs to compare the best that different manufacturers have yielded in their 2016 lineup. Continue reading

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