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A Closer Look at the 2016 Mercedes Lineup

Throughout the 20th and the 21st century, Mercedes has evolved into a brand that people recognize, particularly in the 2016 Mercedes lineup. The lineup is the product of a long history of technology and innovation. Developers with Mercedes boast of an unparalleled reputation in American culture. The people know Mercedes as a high end manufacturer that captures the sophistication that so many people are yearning after. When they step into one of the best Mercedes vehicles, a wave of excitement will overcome them as they look at all of the tech and feel the powerful yet soft engine. Those who compare Mercedes vehicles throughout the years find that they are increasingly impressed by what it has to offer. Continue reading


Eight Exciting 2016 Dodge Vehicles Interest Drivers

Eight very different 2016 motor vehicles fill the 2016 Dodge Lineup. If you haven’t seen all of them in person yet, you’ll want to pay a visit to your local Dodge dealership to take a closer look. Taking a test drive at this time of year might place you in a great position to learn about some spectacular seasonal specials and discounts. Continue reading


Five Exciting Chevrolet Vehicles for 2016

The 2016 Chevrolet lineup has caused the automotive world to take notice. Awarding-winning features such as the OnStar communications system will appeal to a lot of drivers. Many people compare the Chevrolet Cruze vs Mazda3. Here are five of the top Chevrolet vehicles on the market. Continue reading


Ford Delivers the Goods With 2016 Lineup

An appealing 2016 Ford lineup highlights continuing evidence of a resurgence in American automobile sales, with the previous model year being particularly successful for Ford. The car company, in fact, looks to build on a winning model lineup to produce increasing sales with what it calls “the best Ford vehicles ever.” A quick glance at the automaker’s offerings reveals active players in every model segment, from subcompact cars all the way up to heavy-duty pickup trucks and everything in between. Continue reading


Hyundais Push Bigger Cabins as Part of a Value-Rich Package

The 2016 Hyundai Lineup takes shoppers from the most budget-smart proposition to an expensive luxury sedan. One thing that many of the vehicles share is a larger size than their classmates. The best Hyundai vehicles also tend to offer more standards as the brand works to attract more shoppers. Continue reading

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