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Best 2016 Infiniti Vehicles

This article will compare Infiniti vehicles for the 2016 model year. The 2016 Infiniti lineup has one Q70 sedan in three models, three QX50, QX60, and QX70 crossovers, and one QX80 sport utility vehicle (SUV). Continue reading


The Sporty and Luxurious new Buick Lineup

Buick is one of America’s oldest and most trusted auto brands. It boasts a rich tradition of elegance and innovation that dates back to over a century. While Buick’s full-size cars were once regarded as ideal for retirement-age customers, the all-new 2016 Buick lineup breaks that stereotypical depiction with a number of exciting new models that provide thrilling performance capabilities and upscale styling. Buick’s new lineup now includes numerous sport sedans and luxurious SUVs that were engineered to attract younger buyers who crave stylish vehicles that stand out on the road. When you compare Buick vehicles to other auto brands, it is clear that Buick’s vehicles have been designed with European influences to improve styling, ride dynamics and handling. The best Buick vehicles for 2016 include the sporty Cascada, the attractive Regal and the distinctive Encore. Continue reading


9 Best Audi Vehicles

The modern man who has had a lot of struggles with low-grade vehicles have turned their eyes to the 2016 Audi Lineup. In an era of high expectations and the hope for class and sophistication, people are seeing these desires fulfilled in the best Audi vehicles. They are captivated by upscale models. These models put the long history of progress and engineering on display. Developers with Audi have spent year building on the successes and failures of prior generations. Weaknesses have become strengths and strengths have been enhanced. There is a reason Audi can be considered one of the best luxury cars. That is why so many car enthusiasts are captivated when they compare Audi vehicles. Continue reading


The new Luxurious and Reliable 2016 Lexus Lineup

The 2016 Lexus lineup is filled with dynamically-modern cars, crossovers and SUVs. Lexus has earned a well-deserved reputation of consistently building and designing some of the highest-ranked luxury vehicles on the road. Its vehicles offer a quiet and well-crafted cabin along with a smooth ride and exceptional performance capabilities. Moreover, when you compare Lexus vehicles to other auto brands, it is clear that this Japanese automaker stands out because of its consistent reliability and unwavering dependability. The best Lexus vehicles for 2016 would include the sporty and compact Lexus IS, the all-new Lexus RX and the full-size and luxurious Lexus LX. Continue reading


3 Best 2016 Jaguar Vehicles

Many people recall the first time that they saw or heard of one of the best Jaguar vehicles. It might have been on the road, as children. Upon asking their parents, they were told that this is an upscale model, an elite vehicle that is in the grasp of just a few people. But today, as adults, that same person might be surveying that 2016 Jaguar lineup and feel a deep thirst that they have had since that first encounter when they were children. They are ready to take a deep drink of the Jaguar. Before making a purchase of one of these sophisticated vehicles, the wise consumer will be compelled to survey and compare Jaguar vehicles. People have different needs and different models will correspond with those needs. Continue reading

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