3 Best 2016 Jaguar Vehicles

Many people recall the first time that they saw or heard of one of the best Jaguar vehicles. It might have been on the road, as children. Upon asking their parents, they were told that this is an upscale model, an elite vehicle that is in the grasp of just a few people. But today, as adults, that same person might be surveying that 2016 Jaguar lineup and feel a deep thirst that they have had since that first encounter when they were children. They are ready to take a deep drink of the Jaguar. Before making a purchase of one of these sophisticated vehicles, the wise consumer will be compelled to survey and compare Jaguar vehicles. People have different needs and different models will correspond with those needs.

2016 Jaguar F-Type

“Just take a look at it,” one imagines the dealer saying. There are few words beyond that which need to be said to compel and captivate the car enthusiast. The F-Type is the archetypical sports car. It captures the deep sense of luxury and power that the car enthusiast has always wanted. The trim physique is the epitome of class that the has compelled people for generations. The teenaged son overlooking sports cars, wishing that his parents would buy him one like that, to the middle aged man looking at the F-Type as it passes by. The aesthetic element is more compelling than most people will admit. It is often what will get an individual excited about getting into a new car.

But there is a lot of latitude beneath the F-Type’s trim physique. It comes with the engine power and handling that people expect to attain when behind the wheel of a sports car. The F-Type comes with a standard supercharged 3.0 liter V6 engine that generates 360 horsepower. This HP will compete with even the most powerful pickup. If that is still not enough power for you, upgrade to the 5.0-liter V8 engine that generates 550 HP. Those numbers resemble (and even surpass) the classic era muscle cars of old.

2016 Jaguar XF

While the sports car may be captivating for one reason, the midsize will be captivating for another. The family man needs a little more space. But he still does not want to compromise on luxury or class. He still wants to be excited when he gets into his car and feels the powerful engine surging beneath. He wants to overlook a dashboard of technology and know that he will power ahead of almost any rival models. He gets that with the 2016 XF.

But since it is a midsize, he gets something else, namely, the ability to pack his family into the car. If he needs to take the family on a trip or pick up some of the kid’s friends, the midsize offers the space that he needs. There is plenty of extra legroom and headroom (even if you are over six feet) so that everybody can stretch out comfortably on a long drive. Further, many reviewers are pleased with the trunk space of the XF. If you need to pick up groceries and load them into the trunk without piling them up in the backseat, you will have ample space to do so. The XF has 19.1 cubic feet of trunk space.

2016 Jaguar XJ

Known as a super luxury car, it is difficult to pit anything against the XJ. Once again, Jaguar is far ahead of the pack in the field of technology. Developers with Jaguar always find innovative and brilliant ways to implement the latest tech into their models. This will lead the way for models in the future. The way the XJ uses technology makes everything much easier and one can understand why the consumer would be excited about his new car.

Consider the theft protection on the XJ. Many people who buy upscale vehicles are afraid of professional thieves. But with a smartphone app, one can check the status, fuel, and the location of their XJ. The app can start the engine remotely and unlock the doors. The consumer does not need to worry about their car being stolen or even locking their keys in their car. These advancements are years ahead of the rest of the industry. This is what car enthusiasts have always expected from Jaguar. Similarly, it comes equipped with safety features such as cruise control, blind spot warning, rear cross traffic alert, and automatic parallel parking features.

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