Eight Exciting 2016 Dodge Vehicles Interest Drivers

Eight very different 2016 motor vehicles fill the 2016 Dodge Lineup. If you haven’t seen all of them in person yet, you’ll want to pay a visit to your local Dodge dealership to take a closer look. Taking a test drive at this time of year might place you in a great position to learn about some spectacular seasonal specials and discounts.

Every Dodge offers some unique features designed to appeal to specific customers. Some provide reliable towing capabilities. Others offer a sporty flair. You’ll find a 2016 Dodge suitable for just about any purpose, from busy daily urban commutes through snarling traffic to rugged wilderness excursions along gravel roads. Just consider some of the most interesting features each brand offers:

Reliable RAM Trucks

For years, the durable and dependable RAM lines of trucks have offered the features customers prefer in work trucks. New features in 2016 include available options for modifying the RAMBOX to enable highly tailored cargo transport and some available comfort-adding interior Internet connectivity technology functions. These sturdy trucks still boast exceptional towing and hauling capabilities, although now customers in many models can select available rear-view cameras and parking assist features.

The Grand Caravan For Everyone

With 143 cubic feet of potential cargo space, the Grand Caravan also possesses towing capabilities. The 2016 models offer new available safety options, including available blind spot monitoring for easier lane changes. Customers can obtain an available rear camera, a big plus for anyone towing cargo.

The Dynamic New Charger

The 2016 charger offers attractive interior and exterior trim options for drivers seeking a stylish luxury sedan. For example, this brand provides available ventilated or heated seats in the front, a big plus during winter driving. The intuitive command center also furnishes may options for households seeking available Internet connectivity while traveling.

Challenger: A Modern Muscle Car

The powerful and responsive 2016 Challenger brings to mind the American muscle car coupes of the late 1960s, except these models offer far greater interior luxury and many modern available high tech features. With several different models, drivers seeking a sedan that accelerates quickly and demonstrates high performance will appreciate this brand.

The Exhilarating SRT Viper

When you make an effort to compare Dodge vehicles, you’ll probably agree that the SRT Viper offers one of the most visually exciting exteriors. With sleek, aerodynamic lines, this trendy sporty car reaches customers in several different models. Engineered and built in Detroit, all the 2016 versions of this brand offer precision performance, excellent accelerating and braking capabilities and numerous appealing interior and exterior trim options. Customers essentially obtain a powerful, responsive specially tailored sports car with options designed to express individual specifications.

Go Wander in a Journey

The 2016 Journey potentially carries up to seven people comfortably. This SUV provides over 60 potential cubic feet of storage. It also offers available WiFi connectivity, enabling the occupants to remain Internet connected while traveling. An available parking back up rear camera assists drivers in fitting this big vehicle seamlessly into parking spots in crowded locations.

The Durango For Luxurious SUV Travel

The luxurious 2016 Durango combines the ample storage space of an SUV with towing capabilities. Offering a potential of over 80 cubic feet of cargo carrying room, it will transport voluminous items very efficiently using an available V8 engine. Drivers enjoy a variety of available options and upgrades to tailor this large SUV to the needs of individual households.

The High Tech Innovative Dart

The innovative, light weight 2016 Dart furnishes a very economical choice for drivers interested in conserving fuel. With the ability to achieve up to 41 miles per gallon, this stylish sedan won’t guzzle gas at the fuel pump. The attractive and intuitive command center display offers an available 8.4 inch touch screen capability, so travelers can remain Internet connected over the road.

A Fun Visit

All of the brands offered by Dodge this year share one thing in common. They enable purchasers to customize many important aspects of a vehicle. Available selections sometimes produce striking contrasts in trim and conformation even within specific models of the same brand. The attention to individualization means that customers really benefit by exploring different available optional choices in depth.

To locate the Best Dodge Vehicles for your household, stop at your local Dodge dealer’s showroom. Looking at the 2016 models will give you a much better intuitive sense about each vehicle’s capabilities. You’ll enjoy examining the exciting 2016 Dodge Lineup!

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