Choosing the Right Pickup Truck


5 Tips to Choosing the Right Pickup Truck for Your Needs

While price comparison and shopping for a truck might feel like it’s comparable to shopping for a car, there are more considerations for a truck purchase than a car. You’ll have to consider the truck’s purpose, the styles and options as well as fuel economy and your budget.  With the purchase of trucks at an all-time high, there is a truck for every kind of consumer, which can actually make it harder to narrow down your choices.

The Truck’s Purpose

Before you start the search for the perfect truck, you’ll need to decide the purpose of the truck. When you narrow down the function, you’ll better understand the types of options, size and towing capacity that will influence your decision. One of the first determinations to make is the kind of items you’ll need to tow with the truck. This will help you decide on whether you need two wheel or four wheel drive. If you’re not using it to tow at all, but need the truck for carrying heavy work tools in the bed of the truck, that will influence the choices as well.

Options and Packages

Once you’ve narrowed down the type of truck you’ll need based on whether you’ll need it for towing, your job or leisure driving, you can think about the interior packages that will make driving the truck a pleasurable experience. In the past, when you purchased a work truck, it was utilitarian and sensible but didn’t always provide extra comforts or luxury for its drivers. Current trucks have as many luxuries and comforts as a passenger vehicle. Truck drivers do not have to make sacrifices when they choose a heavy-duty truck for their jobs. They’re able to provide items like heated seats and driver warning systems. You can also add some of the top pickup truck accessories to further personalize your truck.

Fuel Economy

If you’re concerned about fuel economy, you should know that in the past few years, truck manufacturers have set their sights on delivering fuel efficiency with their trucks. There are more engine options with V6 engines having the same capabilities of the V8 engines from a decade ago. You’ll want to look at the axle ratio as well as the engine size when deciding on your fuel economy options. When trucks have a higher axle ratio, they have a higher tow capacity, but that means you’ll have less fuel efficiency. These are all considerations to take into account when purchasing your truck.

Cabs and Bed Sizes

Many manufacturers offer three cab sizes, which directly impact the bed size. You’ll need to determine whether you’ll want more cab space or more bed space. The traditional work truck would have a regular cab, which means one row of seats with limited space. This will give you approximately 8 feet of bed space. A crew cab offers four doors with another row of seating behind the driver. There are also mega cabs, which provide more leg room to the rear passengers. These bigger cabs can cut the bed down to 5.5 or 6.5 feet. In some trucks, you can get a large cab space with a large bed size, but you’ll have a longer wheelbase. If you need a truck for your job that can be used as a family vehicle, you’ll need to determine what kind of cab will fit the entire family while being suitable for supplies.

Budget Constraints

Once you’ve decided on all the options from fuel economy and options and packages to cab and bed sizes, you’ll need to consider your budget. While doing your research on the perfect truck for you, you’ll have to make compromises depending on the budget you have. If you don’t have the cash for the truck that you need, you’ll have to make some choices of whether you want all the bells and whistles. It might be more feasible to have all the comforts that you require with a leased vehicle. You might want to finance the truck based on the projected growth of your business too.

Your choice of truck depends on many factors like budget, function and towing capacity. You’ll want to do in-depth research to figure out what you need, what would be a nice bonus and what would be a luxury. While every truck buyer wants all the options, your budget might mean you have to make sacrifices.

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