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A Closer Look at the 2016 Chevy Truck Line-up

Chevrolet trucks come in many varieties. The midsized Colorado currently holds the title of Motor Trend Truck of the Year. The Chevy Silverado 1500 works hard to compete with the Ford F150. The Silverado Heavy Duty line-up includes the 2500 and 3500 models. When you compare features and capabilities, it may become obvious which model is better suited to your needs.

Chevrolet Colorado

The Chevrolet Colorado came online last year, and it did just what Chevy had hoped. It grabbed the media’s attention, garnering it the most prestigious truck award. This midsized truck does several things better than its competitors. It gets good gas mileage, which may seem like a given, but other midsized trucks really can’t match it. It also drives more like a car. These positive attributes were enough to put it at the top. Newer than its few competitors, the Colorado offers a more sophisticated cabin. Engine choices include a fuel-efficient I4, a higher horsepower V-6, and a new diesel. There are four trim levels and numerous packages.

  • Best Fuel Economy: 27 mpg/highway (I4)
  • Best Payload: 1,940 lbs. (V-6)
  • Best Towing: 7,000 lbs. (V-6)
  • CNotable Aspects: WiFi hotspot, forward collision system, lane watch
Chevrolet Colorado Duramax

Only once before has Motor Trend given out its prestigious award to the same truck two years in a row. That’s why it was quite a coup when the Colorado scored the award again for its new diesel edition. This Duramax kicks out 369 lb.ft. of torque thrust. This makes up for the horsepower, which is more on par with the I4. Reviewers say that it really delivers with increased capability. Kelley Blue Book reports that this diesel’s ride quality is controlled and smooth. To reduce vibrations, engineers have utilized a special Centrifugal Pendulum Vibration Absorber. This engine is offered only on crew cab editions at the LT and Z71 trim level.

  • Best Fuel Economy: 31 mpg/highway
  • Highest Payload: 1,540 lbs.
  • Best Towing: 7,700 lbs.
Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Although the Ford F150 outsells it, the Chevy Silverado has been gaining on its competition in recent years. Retaining its steel-based build, it is considered easier to repair than the aluminum-based Ford. Chevy has some class-leading aspects that push the Silverado ahead of the competition. The most obvious is the set of CornerSteps you’ll find on every Silverado. These make it so easy to get in and out of the truckbed. It’s a wonder that no one else has employed these (other than GMC, which is part of the same brand family). Of course, payload and towing are the reason that many buyers invest in a truck. The Silverado offers some class-leading features that make it very appealing to commercial and personal buyers. In addition to its performance prowess, the Silverado has made headlines with its quieter cabin. Chevy triple-seals the inlaid doors and provides an aerodynamic windshield. Even the exhaust system has been tuned to reduce cabin noise. Ten trim levels, an All Star package, and a Texas package give consumers plenty of choices in terms of looks, luxury, and comforts. The 2016 Chevy Silverado earned a five-star rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Numerous crash avoidance features are offered, including the exclusive vibrating Safety Seat. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are part of the enhanced dash tech system.

  • Best Fuel Economy: 24 mpg/highway
  • Highest Payload: 2,260 lbs.
  • Best Towing: 12,000 lbs.
  • Notable Aspects: Articulating Bed Steps, Dual-resilient Foam Seats
Heavy Duty Trucks

The Chevy Silverado HD comes in 2500 and 3500 editions. If you compare them to the regular Silverado, you will notice that they share many of the same cabin comforts and technologies. In fact, Edmunds praises the surprisingly refined demeanor as well as the remarkable strength. For the worksite, these are truly major players. These HD trucks offer one of the highest torque rates (765 lb.ft.) in their class. Engine choices include a 6-liter V-8 and a diesel V-8. As for trim levels, the HD line-up offers nearly as many as the regular Silverado. Shoppers can even get the same crash avoidance systems and safety alert seat.

  • Payload: 3,534 lbs. (2500)
  • Payload: 7,153 (3500)
  • Towing: 18,000 lbs. (2500)
  • Towing: 23,200 lbs. (3500)
  • Notable Aspects: Wireless phone charger, Remote-lock tailgate
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