The 2016 Trend-Setting Vehicles From Cadillac

The Cadillac brand is considered to be the luxury automaker in America. Each class sets trends with innovation in every category. Consumers can choose from four including coupe, sedan, cross-over SUV, and full-size SUV. Examples of features that stand-out start on the exterior and move inside with more creature comforts that pamper occupants. Cutting-edge composite materials are used with all models, which make them weigh less. This bolsters fuel economy and contributes to an agile responsiveness that drivers enjoy. Interiors are stacked with intuitive amenities including wireless chargers for mobile devices. Here is a synopsis of what is being offered in 2016.

Coupe, Sedan, and SUV Features

Coupes are the first class to review with the ATS-V, ATS, and ELR models. The ATS-V and ATS trims come with sporty hood vents, sculptures fenders, doors and trunks. The spoilers add more of the swagger that Cadillac dominates. Drivers can opt for a 3.6L 464hp or 2.0L 272hp with the ATS-V and ATS respectively. The ELR is the refined hybrid electric choice with a blend of both the other coupe models. Two battery selections include 120V that charges in under 18 hours or the 240V that is ready in five.

The signature grill has been dipped in chrome mesh with accents on the fully automatic HID projector lamps. Fog lights and quad exhaust finish the package with aluminum wheels. Track speeds exceed 180 mph with 0-60 in less than four seconds. Leather seats that have auto memory, heat, and power into 20 lumbar positions dress the ATS and ELR. ATS-V is equipped with Recaro seating that has 16 positions capable of handling G-force performance. Head-up display and a data recorder captures the performance at every turn.

While the name has sports in it, the ATS, ATS-V, CT6, CTS, CTS-V, and XTS are sedans that handle like a sports vehicle. Everything the coupe models have can be found in the sedan with a bit more juice to move the driver to their destination. Turbo in a 3.0L 400 hp engine keeps the CT6 humming. The ATS-V sedan is spot on with its counterpart coupe except there are a couple extra doors and more room for rear passengers. CTS-V is the beast in the sedan family with a 6.2L V8 supercharged with 640hp. On the roads, but preferably a racetrack speeds reach 200mph. ATS and CTS sedans offer a sedate yet exceptional performance that this brand is known for.

Cadillac CUE is available with each trim providing seamless Bluetooth technology, navigation, and Wi-Fi. Bose is what is for dinner with the audio system controlled by voice, steering wheel controls, and touch screen. Dashboards are not what they use to be with drivers selecting the configuration of the instrument cluster.

SRX is Cadillac’s foray into the crossover class. It made a splash during its inaugural year and continues to deliver. StabiliTrak uses electronic controls that automatically adjust to terrains. The 3.6L 308 hp V6 has the agility of its big brother the Escalade with ventilated front seats and a memory package. Interiors boast Apple Play and Android Auto, leather with Sapele wood accents, and a panoramic sunroof that occupants enjoy.

The Escalade is the flagship SUV with full-sized luxury trappings. This trend-setter takes its place at the head of the line with power folding third row seating and heated seats in the front and rear positions. LUV or luxury utility vehicle is more in-line with hand sewn leather steering wheels and second-row recliners. Front seats cool while 16 speakers produce surround stereo through a Bose system. Just like the SRX, a power lift gate with a cargo management system adds more convenience. A Tri-Zone controls the climate throughout the cabin. With seating for eight and enough room for everyone’s luggage, the 2016 carries the tradition of this model well.


Safety alert seats are the only way to start this section. Drivers experience gentle pulsating burst to alert them of an impending incident. Intuitive is the main ingredient with all the features engineers at Cadillac designed in each class. Adaptive cruise control and frontal crash sensors protect against the unexpected traffic scenario. More sensors are outfitted throughout the exterior with radar and cameras monitoring objects in every direction. The full-suite of OnStar continues to provide a peace of mind for all Cadillac owners.

While there are coupes, sedans, crossovers, and SUVs on the road, they cannot compare to the models from Cadillac. The level of craftsmanship is legendary for several reasons. The design is unmistakable, engineering is cutting-edge, and luxury is unmatched.

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