Buying a New Vehicle


Stress-Free New Car Purchasing

The purchase of a new vehicle is an exciting time. For most people, this is something that is not done too frequently. That is why it is extremely important to ensure that certain steps are followed in this process.

  • Proper Timing and Financing
  • Financing
  • Research
  • Dealer Visits
  • Test Drive

With a little bit of time and planning, a person can get a great new car that will be enjoyed for many years to come.

Proper Timing and Financing

Timing is extremely important in the new car purchase. If finances are tight, a large purchase is probably not wise. A common mistake for many people is entering into vehicle financing when it is not financially viable for the family.

Even though financing is often easily approved, it is not necessarily the best idea or proper time. A close look at personal finances and bills should always be done before the car shopping begins.

When deciding on this purchase, one should review all monthly bills. Be certain to also include infrequent bills such as car insurance or mortgage payments. Also consider major events throughout the year.

Christmas, birthdays and vacations can all add additional costs that might not have been originally anticipated. A family may be able to easily make monthly payments on a new car, but when an event such as Christmas comes around, extra expenses may stretch a family’s resources.

Since most car loans and financing is done for multiple years, a longer look needs to be taken to anticipate unexpected expenses and major events.

Multiple options should be considered when it comes to financing. Be sure to look at not only the dealer, but also local banks and credit unions. A common misconception is that it is always best to go directly through the car dealer for financing. One may find that a bank will have a better rate.


Before ever setting foot in the dealer, prior work needs to be done. A majority of this can be done through the Internet. There are a great deal of websites that will compare and review all makes and models of cars.

While doing this research, be certain to keep in mind what the needs of the family entail. The size of the family, type of driving done and more will all will dictate the type of vehicle that is best suited.

Dealer Visits

Once a specific style or model of vehicle is determined, it is time to visit dealerships in person.

This is the time to see the vehicles in person and have any questions answered. Gather information about available financing as well as any special promotions or upcoming sales.

At this point, one should be able to make a decision as to what dealer is the best option.

A limiting factor to this might be if a desired model is only available at a particular dealership.In this instance, patience is often necessary. Many times, a dealer may be able to get a particular model of vehicle in stock from another location or through special delivery. In these cases, be certain to determine if there are any additional fees for this.

The Test Drive

One of the final steps in this process would obviously be to drive the vehicle. This is a step that is often rushed by many people. Be certain to take time with this important piece of the process.

Everyone that will mainly be driving the vehicle should take part in the test drive. If small children are in the family, make certain that items such as strollers and car seats will adequately fit.

Also be certain to drive the vehicle in a number of different situations. This would include city and highway traffic. Testing the vehicle with street parking and maneuvering in areas such as parking lots is important as well.

If this part of the process needs to be done over multiple visits, that is certainly acceptable. A salesperson should be open and willing to work with a buyer on this.

For many families, a vehicle is driven for several years. The purchase of a new automobile is exciting and slightly intimidating. With some patience and diligence, the family will get a car that all members enjoy for years to come.

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